Emergency Travel Certificate

This certificate is usually issued to Nigerians who lose their passport while abroad. This certificate helps them to return to Nigeria. An Emergency Travel Certificate is usually valid for one journey to Nigeria only and must be surrendered to immigration authorities at the port of entry.


  • Proof of citizenship (Copy of Nigerian Passport)
  • 1 Passport photo
  • Travel Itinerary to Nigeria (Flight to Nigeria must be direct)
  • Letter addressed to the Consulate General of Nigeria, Atlanta stating reasons requesting for emergency travel
  • ETC good for 1 week from the date of issue.

Please call +1(866) 210-0224 for more information.


Please note the Embassy will be closed Friday June 15 and Monday June 18 for the Eid-El-Fitri Holiday. If your appointment falls on any of these dates, please  come on the following day Tuesday June 19 or Call us to reschedule your appointment.


Effective April 13, 2017. The Consulate of Nigeria at Atlanta, New York Consulate and the Nigerian Embassy at Washington DC no longer charges additional processing fee of $30 money order for passport applications. 


Do not buy any $30 money orders payable to the Consulate or Embassy of Nigeria for Nigerian Passport applications. Only Online Payments are accepted.  


All passport applicants  are required to be physically present on the appointment date specified on the payment confirmation receipt. Applicants will only be able to reschedule their appointment date after the initial appointment date has past.

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